Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Hana Hoogedeure,  Connecting People , 2019.

Hana Hoogedeure, Connecting People, 2019.

Hana Hoogedeure

Unhelpful Thinking Styles is an exhibition exploring stylistic tropes and symbology used in everyday consumer culture. The works reference the familiar and iconic branding of late 90s tech, roadside assistance, budget props and cheap drama. These hybrid objects combine the visual signifiers of safety, commerce and authenticity to question what is real and what is just a good copy.

Hana Hoogedeure is a Sydney-based artist working in video installation, sculpture and performance. She is interested in the formal qualities of theatrical props, consumer products and DIY methods of making. Her practice is project-based, collaborative and playful. She completed a BVA (Hons) at SCA in 2014.

31 Jan - 10 Feb 2019