Heavy water, fundamental in nuclear processes, is used to create a suitable environment for specific chemical reactions to occur. It is an environment, a situation, a site which allows for the formation of something new. Heavy Water is a site, not only in a physical sense (though, since you’re asking, geographically speaking, we base ourselves within one of Tributary Projects’ studio spaces - come by and say hello.), but also in a theoretical, conceptual, communal, practical and creative sense. Heavy Water is a site for the formation, discussion, exploration and dissemination of ideas and writing. Heavy Water nurtures a supporting environment so that new ideas might have a chance to form. Our publishing project explores publication as a medium and art-form in its own right. Publishing offers artists, thinkers, writers and readers a mode of sharing and accessing ideas beyond the restraints of time and place, which contains site- or time-specific works, discussions, performances etc. Heavy Water takes a multidisciplinary approach to publishing as discussion, art, record and performance to explore how we interact with the wider conversation of art and ideas.

Volume 1

Edited by Connor Drum and Ruby Rossiter contributions from Alex Hobba and Madalyn Trewin.