Finding Form

Texture Scan.jpg

Thomas Thorby-Lister

This exhibition continues the artist’s investigation into Object and examines the ever blurring boundary between the physical and the digital. Conceptual inquiries into wrapped objects, ancient artefacts, tools and urban object produces a seemingly disparate collection of imagery each with their own distinct histories and trace connections. The histories of these objects and their interpretations are re-configured by the artist; the socially encoded value is shed, suspended, and new meaning is found.

Thomas Thorby-Lister uses experimental processes to examine the boundaries between material object and de-materialised image through merging painting and technology. Processing found objects, surfaces and materials through 3D scanning equipment these images are later interpreted as paintings. Using a variety of processes the 3D captures are digitally sculpted into compositions, often abstracting the original form. Thorby-Lister takes these de-materialised images and returns them to object using his signature painting process to render realistic folds, surface and texture.

The displayed video work examines the 3D renders of objects and surfaces, navigating them in a bare digital landscape and giving the viewer a look into the creative process behind the paintings. This collection of works represent a shift toward formalist concerns in the artist’s practice and showcase his theoretical inquiries into object, materiality and technology as a tool.

18TH – 29TH SEPTEMBER, 2019