Adina West,  Concrete , 2018, oil on canvas.

Adina West, Concrete, 2018, oil on canvas.

Nyx Mathews and Adina West

 Nyx Mathews' central interest is in the interaction of anthropogenic environments and human beings. Through a broad range of media, with a focus on experimental material processes, the artist makes work that question the artificial landscapes and interior spaces we are encouraged to accept as standard. As a maker who deals in human-scale objects, not office towers, Mathews has no power to directly alter this environment; but to propose alternatives instead. Through speculative, materially ambiguous, often slightly unsteady objects Mathews questions the increasingly homogeneous, textureless, sometimes explicitly inhuman structures and spaces common to contemporary built environments.

Adina West is a recent graduate of the the Centre for Art History and Art Theory at the ANU SOA&D, West has spent several years developing her artistic practice through the marriage of painting, sculpture and theory, with the recent introduction of both installation and video work. Art history and curatorial studies feed into Adina’s practice through a strong interest in contemporary artists. She is highly influenced by notions of the post-medium, relational aesthetics and non-linear, theory-based practices. Adina’s work often embodies a subtle and withdrawn aesthetic achieved through an acute sense of colour and form, enabling greater reference to literature, art history and contemporary culture.

6th - 20th December 

Opening 6th December, 6pm