Real Classy

 Oscar Capezio

Real Classy is an exhibition of new paintings by Oscar Capezio. These large-scale abstract works capture an inspiring vantage of the contemporary landscape, providing breathtaking views dotted with scenes of artistic sensibility and style. Complete and value-packed, these paintings offer a modern well-built surface that is sleek in minimalist styling and a subdued palate. Catering to the most discerning viewer, every detail of this property has been considered and reconstructed in line with its original character, providing peace of mind for those looking to invest in something truly special. Real estate like this speaks for itself – your answer to convenient living in one rectangular form after another. A rare offering of paintings that must be inspected to be genuinely appreciated… Unique Investment Opportunity!

Oscar Capezio is an artist/curator and painter who labours and lives in Canberra. He makes exhibitions and objects to trace about the dilemmas of being an artist in the world, playing the viewer and staying warm. Oscar completed his studies at the ANU Centre for Art History and Art Theory in 2015 and was awarded the Janet Wilke Prize for Art History. Recently, he curated ‘Painting amongst other things’ at ANCA Gallery and was an ANCA Critic-In-Residence in partnership with Art Monthly Australasia, and has presented two exhibitions for Tributary Projects: ‘Bubble Economies – Luke Brennan’ (2019-G2) and ‘Sometimes things that look awful on the outside look different when you get up close’ (2017_G1). Oscar Capezio is a board-member and volunteer handy-man of Tributary Projects.Real Classy is an exhibition of new paintings by Oscar Capezio.

12TH - 23RD JUNE 2019