Once Lauded Objects

Rebecca Gallo_an irregular dancing Lismore_detail 2 (Version 3).jpg

Lewis Doherty, Rebecca Gallo, HANNAH ROSE, CARROLL HARRIS, CHRYSTAL RIMMER, NANAO TSUKUDA. Curated by Alexandra Mitchell

Once Lauded Objects is an exhibition of works which critically engage with objects and their materiality. It is curated by Sydney based curator Alexandra Mitchell and includes Sydney based artists Lewis Doherty, Rebecca Gallo, Hannah Rose Carroll Harris and Chrystal Rimmer and Kyoto and Osaka based artist Nanao Tsukuda. To laud is to admire. The process of selecting objects, found or bought, for the inclusion in an object-based work can be seen as an act of admiration. The objects, and the materials inherent within them, have been chosen by the artists for their ability to become vehicles for the critical exploration of complex ideas and narratives.

From marble-like sculptures made from plastic bags, to a mobile which balances articles found on the streets of Lismore, NSW, the works in the exhibition are diverse and thought provoking. The artists delve into themes of obsolescence, connection, detritus, permanence of material and repair.

The exhibition includes work made by Nanao Tsukuda when she was the recipient of the 2018 Artspace, Sydney and Kyoto Art Centre Australia-Japan Artist Exchange supported bythe Australia Council for the Arts. Rebecca Gallo’s work was made during a residency supported by a Dobell Exhibition Grant, funded by the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation and managed by Museums and Galleries of NSW.

20th November - 8th December

Opening 20th November, 6pm