Annika Romeyn, 2018

Annika Romeyn, 2018

Grace Blake, Mahala Hill, Tristan Jalleh, Annika Romeyn, and Kai Wasikowski

curated by Grace Blake

Non Human Being focuses on the way the biosphere, for better or worse, must respond to the legacy left behind by humans, and envisions a post-anthropocene world in which the environment we have created for ourselves serves other species.

Influenced by the work of Benjamin Bratton and Timothy Morton the show takes Taiwan's failed “city of the future” Shanzi pod city as an historical jumping off point to explore what the environments of our planet may come to look and feel like. This settlement was abandoned in 1980 and has become home to an intricately layered biosphere of non human civilisation.

20th - 30th September 

Opening 20th October, 6pm