Mother/Self, Self/Mother

Jade Kahle, Janus, 2017, etching

Jade Kahle, Janus, 2017, etching

Jade Kahle

25th October - 5th November

Opening 25th October 6pm

Mother/Self, Self/Mother begins a narrative between Mother as Self and Lover as Mother, taking in identity and the idea of control through expressive and irreverent selfies, wooden dolls and a refulsal of the convention of ‘Smiling for the Camera.’
 Jade uses etching worked from photographs to trace memory hidden between past and present, using ‘Grown Up’ words like MOTHER and LOVER, attempting to unravel the duality of roles, whilst looking for one’s SELF. The slow process of translation through different mediums allows the artist access to a personally reflective take on these moments. Wooden knitting Dolls with iconic beetroot faces as portrait and sitting in etched hands mark the transition between knitting (an important part of Jade's practice) and drawing, the connection between physical art working and the image.