A structure unseen


Meg Driver 

A structure unseen; a solo exhibition by Meg Driver, explores cognition as a process to acquire knowledge; through our thoughts, experiences and senses. Driver’s new body of work responds to a poem written by her close friend and collaborator Lauren Patricia. The text laments the fleeting nature of the present; and suggests that our experiences of places and structures are forever shifting.

all the world is made of space
boundless and (in pockets)

Oddities of space 1
A structure unseen negotiates this tension between the conscious and unconscious. The resulting works are characterised by a difficulty of chronicling, processing and storing our experiences and judgements. The exhibition embraces the relationship between permanence and flux.

Driver’s practice is inspired by discarded utilitarian goods, happy mistakes, trips to Bunnings and the physical act of making. Her work seeks to restage the gallery space as a site of experimentation in order to observe the interactions that occur between objects and architectural spaces. Her constructed objects resist weight, balance, steadiness and stability; and gesture at the importance of impermanence and flux. Driver graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours, First Class).

1st - 12th May, 2019

Opening 1st May, 6pm

Closing floor talk 3pm, 12th May