Luke Chiswell, Untitled, 2017, fabric, epoxy. 

Luke Chiswell, Untitled, 2017, fabric, epoxy. 

Luke Chiswell

6th - 10th December

Opening 6th December 6pm

'Digging in the Dark’ is the search of new work through its own process of the unknown and the uncertain. Chosen phrases aimed at mark-making take form finding the balance of planned and unplanned happenings, translating them into their own visual language. Other works shaped with foraged materials are burnt in an act of destruction to make and discover new possibilities before being captured. 

Luke Chiswell is an international visual artist who works in a wide range of media, exhibiting in Australia, China and the USA. Recent residencies and work include Beijing, ‘The Opposite House’ and Nicaragua ‘Maderas Village’ and a 7ft bronze sculpture ‘Hold Your Head Up’ in Goulburn’s central Belmore Park NSW. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he is represented by Tappan Collective.