Loads a landscape

Tim Price,  Cavern,  2017, acrylic on canvas.

Tim Price, Cavern, 2017, acrylic on canvas.

Tim Price

Loads a landscape consists of a small survey of paintings of figures in the landscape produced over the last five years. An eclectic group of paintings made through different methodologies and depicting different types of landscapes - urban, fantasy, historical, farmland, state forest, and abstract. Made using a variety of sources ranging from involvement in activism; improvised gestural mark making; historical reconstruction; observation; photographic sources; and geometric styles inspired by Afghan rugs and computer games.

The paintings are designed and created as self-contained responses to places, people, and methodologies from outside a gallery setting and engage with the occasion of and physical reality of the gallery space and exhibition as with an empty vessel. As purely a display method using installation accompaniments such as covering the floor with brown cardboard to evoking a dirt floor, makeshift buildings, a restrained nod to landscape.

18th - 29th April