It ain't about how fast you get there

Tom Campbell, Angus Gardener and Emma Hodges 

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“It ain’t about how fast you get there” showcases new work by Angus Gardner, Emma Hodges and Tom Campbell. Working across the different mediums of ceramics, painting and textiles, the three artists reference and employ “traditional” modes of making to explore the immediate world around them. By making contemporary pieces that also reflect their individual experiences and daily observations, they create uniquely intimate artworks, each in their own vibrant way. 

Angus Gardner is an artist currently living and working in Sydney. Utilising ceramics, found objects and painting his work investigates our behaviours in social interactions. Angus uses clay as a way of documenting the immediate world around him, creating sculptures that reference traditional ceramic wares whilst pushing the boundaries of functionality and form.

Emma Hodges recently finished her painting major at the ANU School of Art, exhibiting her work in the 2017 graduating exhibition. Hodges is a Canberra based emerging artist working across painting, sculpture, and textiles. With a focus on feminism and personal narrative, her work explores connections between people and places. She’s interested in the idea of dualities as she navigates Australian society with her Thai background. This is often visualised in paintings of introspective moments and their displacement through brightly coloured pattern.

Tom Campbell is a Canberra based emerging artist working in painting and textiles. He exhibited as part of the graduating cohort of 2017. Tom is interested in worlds as products of grids or as containing and relying upon grid systems. Beyond this, ideas of world building and utopia continue to inform his practice alongside an interest in the properties of cloth (functional, symbolic or otherwise) and its uses in the construction of an environment or an identity.

Text by Annette Liu.


15th - 25th March

Opening Thursday 15th March 6pm