Intimate Geographies

Rowena Boyd,  Bird Compass,  2018, encaustic on board.

Rowena Boyd, Bird Compass, 2018, encaustic on board.

Rowena Boyd

Through Intimate Geographies Rowena Boyd continues her experimental exploration in encaustic painting. Guided by a fascination with the intersection between art and science, and what connecting these disciplines can reveal about perception and sensory integration. Comprised of a body of delicately crafted, vibrant works that physically push the boundaries of encaustic paint as a material, this exhibition focuses on the links between vision and the somatic senses. Seeking to dissect what painting, particularly abstraction, can reveal about knowledge, perception and sensory experience.

She completed a BVA with First Class Honours at the ANU in 2012, and from 2015 to 2016 she lived in Berlin, Germany, undertaking an artist residency at the Institut für Alles Mögliche. In 2017 Rowena completed an artist residency at Bolivia Sostenible in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and was a resident studio artist at La Calera in Oaxaca, Mexico.


14 - 18 NOVEMBER 2018