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Madeline Cardone and Annette Liu

This exhibition is centred around an inquiry of material and process. It presents and explores the final "image" as a production of a particular action through experiments in glass and photography. 

Annette Liu is an emerging photo-media artist and aspiring curator from Taiwan. Currently based in Canberra, she is completing her BVA Honours in Photography & New Media Art at the ANU School of Art & Design. She is interested in pushing the photographic medium to explore the relationship between photography and sculptures through intricacies of culture, tradition and rituals. She is  also passionate about engaging with other emerging artists. 

Madeline Cardone studies a combined Bachelor of Art History & Curatorship and a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in glass. Madeline is intrigued by the process kiln-formed glass; her current work explores the tensions created between form and material, communicating these concepts through a subtle, minimalist aesthetic. Through both her developing artistic and curatorial practices, Madeline aims to engender unique dialogues between objects and the spaces they inhabit, as well engaging with emerging artists to exhibit growing local talent.


Opening 22nd August 6pm

Exhibition runs 22nd - 26th August 2018