Dylan Batty  You too can do this , 2017. Kalanjay Dhir  Hydoyoga (3-body),  2017.

Dylan Batty You too can do this, 2017. Kalanjay Dhir Hydoyoga (3-body), 2017.

Dylan Batty, Eugene Choi, Kalanjay Dhir and Nina Dodd.

29th May - 9th June

Opening 29th May 6pm

Fold it up like a ZIP file and send it across the world or to your neighbour. IKEA’s global & domestic colonialism is attractive in more ways than just its price.

Flat Pack is a group show including Sydney-based emerging artists Dylan Batty, Eugene Choi, Kalanjay Dhir and Nina Dodd, featuring work appropriating the imperative design ideology of the ‘flat pack’ into their respective practices; That is, the aesthetic typified by IKEA, one that promises a democratic assemblage and most importantly an ease of production and mass-dispersion.

The work being developed for the show aims to dissolve the definitions of the transit and storage of commercial art objects. Eugene Choi’s adaptation will be a literal disassembling of existing works presented as being packed and ready to be moved on; while Dylan Batty’s adaptation combines video documentation of transit between the financial capital and political capital, a process concealed from public view, aestheticised for ease of consumption. No longer are artworks produced solely for viewings

Kalanjay Dhir is attempting to produce a dehydrated self-portrait by unpacking self-imaging in relation to the Western (via Global South) commercialisation of fitness. Nina Dodd in her post-digital collages, uses the displacement and reconfiguration of images and objects to think about cross-historical linkages making direct reference to the shop front gallery.

Flat Pack-ing as a school of design has quietly become reflective of the compressive thinking that now guides the market, public and private spaces.

Flat pack >> unpack >> repackage.

Dylan Batty                                   Eugene Choi                                  Kalanjay Dhir                               Nina Dodd

You too can do this                        I once was an elegant Pidgeon     Hydroyoga (3 Body)                    Flat pack, my love.

                                                      in a performence for my friend