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Bayard Condon,  NWSE I , 2016, woodcut and sumi ink on kozo paper, 180 x 185cm

Bayard Condon, NWSE I, 2016, woodcut and sumi ink on kozo paper, 180 x 185cm

Bayard Condon works primarily in printmaking and painting. This project is an observation and reflection of the natural world through print media after spending time in the landscape.

Three large scale prints form a triptych that depicts scenes of a muted forest in darkness; walls of stone rise above the canopy through dense mist and trees reach out to caress the sky. A tarn ripples in the light breeze reflecting the moon as tree trunks undulate up from the earth like the legs of anthropomorphic forms mid-stride.

 These works use a combination of woodblock relief printing and ink painting to create a pictorial space which represents the external world, the internal world and the space in between. The interplay of the effacing ink and the descriptive woodblocks mimic the atmospheric and physical effects of wind, rain and mist on the observed landscape.


Accompanying text (in downloadable PDF) by Victoria Perin a Melbourne based writer and current PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. Her research concerns printmaking in Melbourne during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. In 2013, she was the Gordon Darling Intern in the Australian Prints and Drawings Department at the National Gallery of Australia. She is a regular contributor to



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