Connect 2019.jpg

Abbey Jamieson, Erica Herbert and Chayla Ueckert-Smith

Explore the works of three emerging artists with all your senses in a completely interactive exhibition titled Connect. You are invited to sit and enjoy a cup of tea in Abbey Jamieson’s sculptural ceramic work, Interconnect; create a unique sound scape with Chayla Ueckert-Smith’s exploratory ceramic instruments, vox de luto: voluto; and indulge your curiosity as you investigate the textural intricacies of Erica Herbert’s textile Comfort Pods.

In a traditional exhibition space visitors are asked not to touch the artworks, which can limit how the works are perceived and understood. Each work in this exhibition requires physical connection on behalf of the participant to be activated and fully experienced.

Jamieson, Herbert and Ueckert-Smith will each exhibit participatory work inspired by the natural world. The amorphous forms created by these three artists draw together different disciplines and aim to provide a sensory experience.

18TH – 29TH SEPTEMBER, 2019