The Delicate Trials


Audrey Newton

The Delicate Trials is a sculptural installation which explores the sensual identities of materials and subverts their original form and intent. The delicate identities of what were traditionally professed as feminine materials and objects such as lace and flowers will be crystallised or deformed with repulsive and industrial interventions. Through these interventions, The Delicate Trials challenges traditional perceptions, connotations and contexts of materiality and the identities that viewers create for objects

Audrey Newton is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of drawing, sculpture and installation. Her practice seeks to understand the agency of materials and the peculiarities of physical space.  The formal, furtive and overlooked identities of material and space play an important role in how she dissects images from her imagination and consciousness. Audrey has recently completed her Master of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts. She is has exhibited broadly in solo and group exhibitions at  Factory 49 in Paris, Firstdraft, Narrandera Art and Community Centre and Articulate Project Space.

29th May - 9th June

Opening 29th May, 6pm