Always slipping away

Merryn Lloyd,  untitled,  2018, encaustic on paper

Merryn Lloyd, untitled, 2018, encaustic on paper

Liz Coats, Merryn Lloyd, Sophie Quin

Always slipping away is a show combining the work of Liz Coats, Merryn Lloyd and Sophie Quinn, three artists who use process based abstraction to raise questions of spatial construction, blending intuitive and structured methods to create lively forms of slippery meaning. Working between sculpture and painting, and at three different stages of artistic practice, the artists share a penchant for combining disparate elements of colour, form, or material (or all three) across single works, changing the way each piece interacts with its physical context, and in turn the way the viewer must interact with it.


25 July - 5 August, 2018

opening 25 July, 6pm