A Field


Bryan Foong

A FIELD becomes the location that grounds two recent fixations, i.e. Derek Jarman’s 1971 short film Journey to Avebury and Troye Sivan’s recent pop single, Bloom. The landscape is reinterpreted in both. Jarman presents it directly but alters its physicality through colour and film speed, resulting in a symbolic space seen through a queer lens. Sivan on the other hand, presents it indirectly- his conjured garden becomes the site for enacting the very physical rite of queer intimacy. The series of works in A FIELD also sees the landscape beyond its presence in nature, its directness and indirectness, and uses it as a contemplative space where the mechanics of painting intersect with personal ruminations on queerness and intimacy.

Bryan Foong is a recent painting graduate from the ANU School of Art and Design about to embark on his Honours. He is particularly interested in gender and queer theory and its intersection with painting's own formal framework. 

Opening 29th August, 6pm

Exhibition runs 29th August - 2nd September