Writing Program

The Tributary Projects gallery writing program is designed to sit alongside the Exhibition Program providing response and critical dialogue to the work presented in our space.

The writing program was managed by Julia Thwaites until October 2018 and is now operated as a shared program.

Caitlin Seymour-King for Finding the edge in painting, Joel Gailer

Finding the edge in painting

Caitlin Seymour-King for House and Garden, Becky Gibson

House and Garden, Becky Gibson

Sally Brand for Apparition, Dean Cross

An interview recorded on Ngunnawal Ngambri country for Apparitions: Six Recent Works by Dean Cross

Josephine Mead for La Petite Veste Militaire, Heide Lefebvre and Katy B Plummer

La Petite Veste Militaire

Kirsten Farrell for Non Human Being, curated by Grace Blake


Chelsea Hopper for A Field, Bryan Foong

The outside can’t go outside

Claire Capel-Stanley for Always slipping away, Liz Coats, Merryn Lloyd, Sophie Quin

Always slipping away

Angus McGrath for EXO, Hannah Buckman, Aston Creus, Drew Holland, Mark Mailler and Francesca Zak curated by Sebastian Henry-Jones

Stretching canvas (tense and brittle) over a screen

Julia Thwaites for Cowabunga! Cat Mueller and Mei Wilkinson


Connor Drum for Blue straw on a path to Dickson, Skye Jamieson

Thinking hard about blue straws

Anna Thwaites for #NOFEARSEMMABEERS, Emma Beer


Madalyn Trewin for CAR, Angus McGrath


Victoria Perin for Northwest, Southeast, Bayard Condon

Northwest, southeast